Home cleaning industry is stuck back in the 1950’s

Is it just me or has home cleaning never changed? Surely there is a better way to do things rather than tell people to call for a free quote. Also, is it just me or do most people that run cleaning companies border on being shady? I don’t know the real answer, but my guess is that the answer to both is a definitive “yes”. So we can start our questioning with why hasn’t the cleaning industry changed? With the advent of technology giving everyone the capability to create what in years past would only be a dream, I wonder what the real reason is? Is it because cleaning isn’t sexy? Or cleaning is hard work? These are two possible candidates for sure.

Also, the entire premise of cleaning quotes adds unnecessary red tape to an already difficult and slow industry. It’s trouble enough finding workers who not only are willing to clean, but take pride in it and do a good job. Having people call for quotes only complicates the process. This is one area where a person can remove some things “via negativa” and enhance the whole process. Removing the whole quote process will make things easier for both the cleaning company and the customers homes involved. Score #1!

Outsourcing most everything to the workers serves to make the company more efficient. By allowing your employees to receive new booking and home information directly on their smartphone they can more efficiently arrive at the home to clean it. This removes having to have a manager schedule everything and stay on top of everything. This does however make hiring good people even more important. Score #2!

These are just a couple of things I’ve been mulling over in my over the past couple of weeks. I’ll save my other ideas for my next post. Until then take a look at what wikipedia describes as a maid service!

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Maid services in Texas are making a come back!

Maid services seem like they are making a comeback these days i.e. www.MaidInAmarillo.com. In an age of innovation, the cleaning market has failed to adapt and change. Maid and house cleaning services essentially consist of websites that look like they were created back in the early 90’s and say to call for a free estimate. Back then, this was a good way to go about business. I can’t imagine how these companies keep records—> longhand and a notebook? Quite possibly. Why has this market failed to change and adapt is my question? The technology is there and readily available. It is a market perfect for disruption if there ever was one. I know some people have qualms about the word “disruption” and make arguments for and against using it. IMO it is fine to use it. What else would you call what Uber did to the Taxi industry?

Maid In Amarillo is a company that is doing things differently. They keep all of their records electronically, using systems such as Evernote to operate paperlessly. Additionally, they use fixed pricing to streamline and simplify the cleaning process enabling customers to book and pay for cleaning appointments from any electronic device. This meshes with the young to middle age adults who are tech-saavy and want a new way to operate. This is most definitely one of the reasons that Maid In Amarillo is Amarillo’s #1 maid and house cleaning company – they are operating their company from a technological and up to date standpoint. Their website is nice. Their workers and friendly, outgoing, and caring. They care about their work and are professional, which if you have had any dealings with cleaning companies – hard to come by. This company is poised for success and with time will grow to take a commanding lead in Amarillo, Texas, significantly cornering the cleaning market.

Have a great weekend everyone, and remember, disruption is a good word, but use it sparingly, and when you use it, make it count!